Best places to Dine Out in Naples

Naples is famous for its good food, just by walking down its streets you’ll be captured by an endless amount of delicious smells. It’s impossible to resist from entering in one of the many places where you can indulge in the real Neapolitan cuisine. Here it is our top five places to dine out.

Osteria Pisano

The Ancient Osteria Pisano, located in Piazza Crocelle Mannesi no. 1 in the Forcella Quarter, is a cute little place. The owners carefully select only the best ingredients. Here you can try the authentic Neapolitan and Mediterranean food including pizza, spaghetti with seafood, cuttlefish with potatoes, fried anchovies, with a selection of the best local wines.

Pizzerias in Via dei Tribunali

Via dei Tribunali is part of the historic center of Naples and is the destination of many tourists both for souvenirs shopping and for its nice and welcoming restaurants. Walking down this street the numerous pizzerias will catch your attention, with their amazing freshly baked pizza smell. Take your time to stop by and enjoy the authentic Neapolitan pizza at the best price in the city. Our suggestions are Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo, Pizzeria Di Matteo, Pizzeria del Presidente and Pizzeria I Decumani.

Pintauro’s Sfogliatella

To enjoy a delicious and warm sfogliatella stop at the pastry shop Pintauro in via Toledo n.275 . Their ancient recipe made this warm and flaky pastry famous all over the world. Here you can try two kinds of sfogliatella: riccia made with flaky and crunchy puff pastry; frolla with a soft and buttery short pastry shell. They are both filled with ricotta cream and candied orange peel and dusted with powdered sugar.

Mary’s Babà

At the pastry shop Mary, located in Via Toledo no. 66, you can have the best babà in Naples. They offer several different kinds, the traditional soaked in rum and one soaked in lemon liquor. If you come to Naples, you can’t miss a quick stop by Mary, a small shop famous for the quality and freshness of its products.

Fried Pizza at La Masardona

Fried pizza is one of the Neapolitan traditional recipes. At Piccirillo Brothers’ l’Antica Friggitoria La Masardona, located in Via Giulio Cesare Capaccio n. 27, you can try one that’s still made the old-fashioned way. The secret is using two disks of dough to better hold one of the several different fillings you can choose from. They serve it freshly fried, smoking hot and wrapped in the traditional bread paper.