Must-try food in Naples

Naples is famous worldwide for its music, art and heater. However, it may be its food the reasons why tourists keep on coming back.

Not to mention the original Neapolitan pizza “ca pummarola n’coppa”-Neapolitan for with tomato topping- or its fried version, such as pizza fritta, stuffed with tomatoes and pork cracklings. Additionally, Neapolitan coffee will be hard to forget.

Traditional First Courses

There are lots of all-time favorite traditional recipes among those who visits our city. Some of most famous first courses are the ragù, a sauce made with different cuts of meat slowly cooked in tomato sauce for 3-4 hours; the lasagna and cannelloni, stuffed with minced meat and seasoned with mozzarella and ragù.

Not to mention the fish, that is used in many different recipes, such as spaghetti with seafood, pasta with beans and mussels and pasta with clams. There is also a great tradition of poor people’s food, like spaghetti aglio e olio, pasta with garlic and oil, frittata di maccheroni, a sort of pie made with pasta eggs and cheese, pasta with potatoes and smoked provola cheese.

Traditional Second Courses

In Naples after a good pasta dish there is always a delicious second course which can be cow milk mozzarella or the amazing buffalo mozzarella served with cherry tomatoes and arugula salad.

If you had a fish-based first course you can continue with a delicate frittura di paranza made with a mix small fishes such as cod, small flounders, small mullets, and anchovies deep fried in hot oil.

Others great options are pork sausage with friarielli , a vegetable like broccolini, or a potato gatto (gateaux), a pie made with mashed potatoes, ham, mozzarella and smoked provola cheese.

Neapolitan sweets and desserts

Naples is also famous for its sweets, like the babà a sponge cake soaked in rum, or limoncello, can be served with or without custard cream. Don’t forget to try a freshly baked sfogliatella, a small pastry made with short pastry or a flaky puff pastry filled with ricotta and candied orange peels.

Made for Father’s Day, the Zeppole di San Giuseppe are available all year around in many pastry shops. A doughnut shaped cream puff covered with a yummy custard cream and candied cherries. Finally, Neapolitan Graffa a delicious doughnut deep fried and covered with sugar.